Frequently Asked Questions


Are unlimited ride cards available?

Yes they are. You can be informed by the link “Ticket Offers”

Who have the right to free transport using city buses?

The staff of the Corps of Security, Police, Fire and Harbor Police.
The people with special disabilities that have been provided by the Social Welfare Service of Corfu with the card with the special coupon stuck on it for the free transportation using CORFU CITY BUSES.

Where can I address in case of losing an object?

Call at 2661031595, Station Master’s Office, San Rocco Square.

Is there any printed information material about the itineraries of the bus lines and from where can I obtain it?

Yes there is. An information map and the bus schedule are available for free and you can obtain them from the ticket issuing office located at San Rocco Square, Port and Airport.

Where can I buy tickets?

All tickets should be acquired by passengers before getting on the bus at the points of sale, which are located near the bus stops. (Automatic ticket vending machine, Station Master’s office in San Rocco Square, Kiosks etc.)

Attention: Tickets aboard are issued at a higher price than the ordinary one according to law. (Surcharged)

Where are the offices of Corfu City Buses?

The offices of Corfu City Buses are located at 2 Mitropolitou Methodiou Street in the City of Corfu.